Buying land or property in Texas is an exciting prospect, but one that demands attention to detail and the adherence to certain legal requirements.

One such element that should not be overlooked is the importance of a property title search. Consider the following details about why one should conduct a property title search, how you can do a free property title search in Texas, and how a lawyer can help.

What Is a Property Title Search?

A title search refers to the process of ensuring that the title to a property is valid and does not have any defects or issues.

A title search involves a comprehensive examination of property records, keeping an eye out for any outstanding mortgages, liens, judgments against the property, unpaid taxes, and ownership issues.

The Value of a Property Title Search

Conducting a property title search is a good way to be certain that the piece of property you’re buying doesn’t have any issues associated with it that could cause a headache later on. By conducting a property title search, you’ll know that once you purchase a property, you are the rightful owner, and no one else has any claim to the property.

This can also help to protect you from any claims at a later date filed as a result of unpaid taxes, liens, or ownership disputes.

Free Property Title Search in Texas

In order to conduct a property title search on your own without paying a lawyer or a title company, you should head to your county clerk’s office.

In Texas, each county clerk’s office is responsible for keeping detailed property records – these records are public, and therefore available for you to view. Records that will be kept by the county clerk’s office include deeds, deeds of trust, notices, liens, easements, powers of attorney, oil and gas leases, plats, releases, and more.

Sometimes, you can access records online; however, for a search to be as comprehensive as possible, it is best to go to the appropriate county clerk’s office and conduct the search in person.

Our Lawyers Can Help

While conducting a title search on your own may be possible for a property that has only changed ownership one or two times, most of the time, making sense of the various records and documents related to a property’s history is overwhelming, and difficult for the layperson to make sense of.

Fortunately, you do not have to manage a property title search on your own – an experienced real estate lawyer can help.

Call Our Texas Real Estate Lawyers Today

Our real estate lawyers in Texas know that purchasing a property is a big decision, and one that can be rife with complications if the proper procedures aren’t taken. When you call our team at the office of Khirallah PLLC, we will guide you through your legal rights, recommended steps for protecting your best interests, and we will handle all real estate legal actions, such as conducting a Texas property title search, on your behalf. Please send us a message or call our law office today to get started.

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