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Khirallah PLLC is a real estate only litigation boutique that represents and protects homeowners against predatory lenders, mortgage servicing companies, builders, and investors. Khirallah PLLC’s specialized experience in exclusively real estate matters, such as large scale homeowner disputes related to improper disclosures from builders, construction defect litigation, foreclosure and/or mortgage litigation, title disputes, and other related real estate disputes has enabled her to become a powerhouse in the real estate and real estate financing industry. Khirallah PLLC understands the intricacies of the industry, the uniqueness of each dispute and complicated real estate financing and lending issues.

When facing banks and builders and investors, you may feel helpless and even doubt the legitimacy of your case.

That’s when we come in.

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Meet The Managing Attorney

Rachel E. Khirallah

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As a seasoned trial lawyer, Rachel Khirallah has been representing clients in real estate disputes for more than fourteen years. Whether she is representing a large group of homeowners fighting a builder for failing to disclose defects or an individual fighting to save their home, Ms. Khirallah zealously advocates for her clients. She is decisive, experienced, dedicated, and relentless.  The legal system is complicated, expensive, and difficult, if not impossible, for consumers to access, especially against a corporation. Rachel went to law school to give access to the legal network to those who would otherwise not have it and in her words, “is so fortunate to love the work she does and gets up every morning wondering how she is going to change the world”.  According to Rachel, the average individual does not have the resources to fight the corporations who have wronged them, and Rachel gives access to the legal network to those who would otherwise not have it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Earnest Money Disputes

Earnest money is an essential part of almost every real estate transaction. To show they are serious, buyers will deposit a sum of money into trust. Typically, the seller sets the earnest money price, which is either a percentage of the purchase price or a flat sum. Earnest money can also cushion the blow if the buyer decides to...

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Foreclosure Laws in Texas: A Complete Guide

According to data provided by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), approximately 250,000 foreclosures are initiated in the United States each year. For a homeowner, dealing with a foreclosure, or the possibility of foreclosure, can be deeply stressful, even traumatic. If you or your loved one is facing foreclosure in Texas, it is crucial that you have a basic...

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Glossary of Real Estate Terms

This glossary defines legal terms commonly used in real estate to define disputes, transactions, or services. Khirallah, PLLC wants you to be as educated as possible during your real estate litigation case. We also offer blog posts on legal topics so that our clients can familiarize themselves with the legal process. We hope you find the definitions of these...

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Khirallah In The Community

We are in this business for a reason: the people.

Giving back to the DFW Metroplex is important to Rachel and Khirallah PLLC.  Rachel and her firm dedicate significant time and resources to support the community through.  

  • Routinely accepting pro bono cases 
  • Maintaining an active internship program for high school and college students 
  • Funding a scholarship program for high school and college students
  • Volunteering as an active alumnus of Ursuline Academy and 
  • Donating to charitable donations 
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