Buying a house should be one of the most exciting times in a family’s life, but it’s fraught with opportunities to be taken advantage of. If you’re planning to buy new construction, it’s important to realize that although your home looks shiny and perfect, there can be big issues hiding under the surface. If you suddenly realize that your new home isn’t everything you thought it was, it’s important to enlist the services of a construction defect law expert like Khirallah PLLC right away. To avoid this situation, however, it’s best to know what common construction defects to look for before you buy.

1 – Facade Leaks

Unique, modern facades are often made up of complex curtain wall systems that are comprised of dozens of smaller features. All it takes is for one of these components to fail because of improper sizing or installation, and you’ve got a big problem on your hands.

2 – Window Leaks

The most common reason for window leaks is faulty installation, but if it’s an oddly-sized or very detailed window, fixing it could be very complicated.

3 – Wood Floor Problemsdreamstime_9540488

Hardwood floors are one of the most sought-after features in both new and existing homes, but most homeowners fail to realize that it both expands and contracts over time. All that it takes is a hasty contractor who puts the floor down in humid conditions to create a problem that could absolutely ruin the look of your home.

4 – Fire-Stopping Deficiencies

In order to make homes as safe as possible, they’re required to have certain firestopping features that prevent a blaze from spreading through floors and walls. If a subsequent inspection reveals that these features are lacking or inadequate, it leaves your family at risk and could affect your homeowner’s insurance.

5 – Ventilation Problems

Proper ventilation and exhaust features are absolutely necessary in any  home, but especially in multi-family dwellings like apartment buildings. Without them, the entire property is at risk for heating and cooling issues, as well as undesirable odors.

If you’ve recently purchased a property and think that you’ve discovered one of these defects, it’s important to contact an attorney who is trained in construction defect law. Khirallah PLLC is available for a free consultation at any time.