1. 3 Reasons To Hire A Real Estate Lawyer Before Selling Your House

    Any time a piece of property changes hands, there are legal issues to be considered. These legal issues can become bigger or smaller depending on who is selling the property, who is buying the property, the condition of the property being sold, and any number of other variable that might not be obvious to the average consumer. Navigating the issues in order to stay on the right side of the law and…Read More

  2. 3 Legal Steps to Take in Lessor and Lessee Disputes

    Lessor and lessee relationships aren’t always the easiest. In many cases, there can be conflict and difficulties resolving issues that come up with the properties in question. How to resolve these issues can sometimes be difficult for both parties. A real estate lawyer or property lawyer can help to represent either party when a dispute arises. However, here are a few steps that can be taken thr…Read More

  3. Part 2: 4 More Construction Defects Home Buyers Should Know

    As we’ve talked about in our previous blog, buying a home is an exciting time for any family. Whether it’s a new construction home or one that has been around for a little while, buying a home is a big investment. A real estate attorney can help if things go wrong. Having someone on your side who knows construction defect law is beneficial to help protect your investment. While required inspec…Read More

  4. The 5 Most Common Construction Defects All Home Buyers Should Know

    Buying a house should be one of the most exciting times in a family’s life, but it's fraught with opportunities to be taken advantage of. If you’re planning to buy new construction, it’s important to realize that although your home looks shiny and perfect, there can be big issues hiding under the surface. If you suddenly realize that your new home isn’t everything you thought it was, it’…Read More

  5. Why You Need a Real Estate Lawyer When Purchasing Title Insurance

    Real estate law can get really complicated. Think about it. Large scale wars have been fought for centuries over small pieces of land as people look to lay claim. That’s when title insurance law becomes important when buying any form of property. What is title insurance? Title insurance is a form of insurance that many lenders require on properties before closing. As extensive as the background …Read More

  6. Construction Defect Law & Your New Home Purchase

    A brand new home built just for you has a nice ring to it. Buying a new build home is also a large investment into your family’s future. It’s hard to imagine anything going wrong with your new home. In fact, that’s one of the reasons you bought a brand new home. However, construction defects do happen and having an attorney knowledgeable in construction defect litigation on your side is cruc…Read More

  7. 3 Questions To Ask A Potential Real Estate Lawyer

    No one ever anticipates the need for a real estate lawyer, but life can be unpredictable, especially when buying, selling, and leasing property. If you’ve found out that there were hidden problems with a property you recently purchased in Dallas, if you’re having issues with your mortgage broker or lender, or if you’re stuck in an ongoing dispute with a renter, then it might be time to consi…Read More

  8. Do You Need A Real Estate Lawyer To Buy A House?

    For many Dallas families, buying a home is the largest single purchase they’ll ever make. So most aren’t too keen on the idea that they should add more money to the bill by hiring a real estate lawyer. However, you should know that, like buying a house, enlisting the services of an attorney is an investment in your future. Whether this is your very first real estate transaction, or you’re a …Read More

  9. Welcome to Our Real Estate Law Blog

    Welcome to our blog, where you’ll find helpful posts about our various practice areas as well as related news events, trivia, and whatever else we think you’ll find useful. Most areas of the law are quite complicated, and real estate law is no different. We want you to be able to approach your real estate litigation with knowledge and confidence. When you’re finished browsing the blog, make …Read More