Making significant financial commitments with your bank should be a trustworthy and secure experience. However, more and more often, profit-driven big banks are utilizing consumer lending and banking as an avenue to take advantage of consumers. The motivation to capitalize on your business can lead banks to employee questionable practices and in extreme cases, commit fraud. Look no further than the recent news about Wells Fargo as an example. Whether you’ve secured a mortgage loan, a personal loan, or a small business loan with a big bank, make no mistake that the bank’s only concern is their profit.

Possibly the worst part for anyone dealing with a big bank is the lack of responsiveness. The bank can be attentive and concerned while luring your business, but once you step into the role of consumer your questions and concerns can fall by the wayside. Don’t get pushed around! Large financial institutions are well known for dragging their feet and continually putting your concerns on the back burner. This delay can exacerbate the issues plaguing your account, and leading your problem to spiral out of control.

Khirallah PLLC has the experience you that you need in order to force the bank into action. We fight to make sure that you are treated fairly and that the bank fulfills all the duties that you’re owed as a financial consumer. If your bank or lending institution represented something to you, whether in writing or over the telephone, and is now not abiding by that representation, you have rights but have to act quickly. Call our office today. (214) 484-4699