The problem with banks and mortgage servicers: the left hand never knows what the right hand is doing. 

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Banking giant Wells Fargo “motivated” its employees in the retail banking department to hit sales goals so much so that bank employees opened as many as 1.5 million fraudulent bank accounts without the knowledge or consent of the account holders, and then actually charged fees to its customers on the fraudulently opened accounts. Former employees stepped forward claiming that this was the culture of the bank, that it was miserable place to work, and many co-workers cracked under the sales pressures.

In response, Wells Fargo fired approximately 5300 workers claiming those employees represent a tiny fraction of the employees, that they are bad apples, and do not represent the broader culture and practices at the company. Then recently issued a statement “Our Board announced last week that it will lead an internal investigation into retail banking sales practices and related matters, and we have agreed to other independent reviews as part of our agreements with the City of Los Angeles, the CFPB and the OCC”.

How is it that the top level executives did not know this was happening?

This type of conduct is rewarded, and similarly runs rampant in the mortgage servicing industry.  We see it all of the time: one employee represents a promise, or a plan of action to a borrower over the telephone, yet there is no record of it. One department takes actions on behalf of a borrower yet no one else knows about it.

There are no cross relationships with other departments, and no cross training between departments to ensure there is accountability at each level of the bank. As a result, a borrower’s account is always one step away from complete chaos.

Don’t be a victim of this type of behavior. If the bank represented something to you, whether in writing or over the telephone, and is now not abiding by that representation, you have rights but have to act quickly.

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